Parks & Trails Division

Precinct 2 maintains and operates 55 parks throughout Harris County. With over 4,000 acres of parks and 27 miles of trails, residents have a wide variety of exciting recreational options. Our parks offer residents of Precinct 2 the ability to connect with nature, their community, and their families. 

Our Mission

Harris County Precinct 2 Parks Department pledges to provide well-maintained inclusive parks and public spaces for our constituents; preserving historic resources; strengthening the bonds of our neighboring communities, while creating opportunities for our constituents to enhance their quality of life.

Our Vision

The vision for Harris County Precinct 2 Parks and Trails Department is to be a leader in promoting community health and well-being through fun, inclusive and memorable parks and recreational experiences and activities for the whole family. Precinct 2 is striving to be the most patron centered department in Harris County by providing safe, well-designed, and maintained facilities with broad-based programs and services for the entire community. We have beautiful parks, educating historical areas and the best employees to provide direction to the incredible people who visit these places. 

Highlights of Park Zones

East Parks have horse riding areas, archery ranges and a historical pavilion.

Our South Parks has a local beach that are staffed with lifeguards year-round.

Our Central Parks host parts of Houston’s historic landmarks, the largest outdoor pavilion in the Precinct and an amphitheater.

These are just a few great amenities that all our parks provide. There are also a great variety of sports fields that allows multiple leagues the opportunity to offer nurturing sport programs within their community. Harris County Precinct 2 Parks Department continues to develop and create inclusive opportunities for constituents yearly.